Sunday, July 20, 2008

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Barack Obama Platform Meetings

Every four years, the Democratic Party assembles a platform that outlines the party's position on a number of issues.
Traditionally, the drafting of the platform is not open to ordinary people.
This year, that's going to change.
For two weeks in July, people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities to discuss the issues and share their input. The outcome of these meetings will be reviewed by the Drafting Committee as it creates the final Platform.
No political experience is required. Your thoughts and experiences are all that matter, and they will shape a platform that -- like this campaign -- is owned by the people.
Sign up to host or attend a Platform Meeting in your neighborhood:
This year, ordinary people like you will gather in their homes, community centers, places of worship, and even coffee shops to discuss the issues that matter to them and help decide what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.
The input we get from these meetings will help shape the platform at the Democratic Convention in August.
Platform Meetings are a great way to connect with fellow supporters and help write the next chapter in the history of the Democratic Party.
We'll make sure you have all the resources and support you need to succeed. All you need to provide are your ideas for America and your hunger for change.
To get started in your community, just log onto and go to our Platform Meetings page. (If you don't have a account, creating one is simple and easy.)
Sign up to host or attend a Platform Meeting now:
I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to make your voice heard in the political process.
Thank you for all that you do,

The First Invitation


"Be the Change You Want to See in the World."- Gandhi

What does a conversation of "oneness" look like? We stand inside a new paradigm that is not problem focused, but focused on being relational, creating new futures from our deepest commitments.
You are invited to a conversation unlike any other you have ever had- it is a conversation to know yourself and others within your community for your deepest commitment to the world. The root question for the conversation you are invited to is: Who are you being for the world?

~~The conversation has three parts~~

ONE: Gathering prior to the DNC, with a short address by Desmond Tutu (unconfirmed), where you and each participant will have the opportunity to answer the question "Who are you for the world?" Your answer and your listening to others creates a relatedness - you will be known and know others for our commitments to the world. If you choose to use words, we suggest you crystallize your statement in a clear few words that captures your essence so you are remembered (max 1 minute each person). Location: St. Cajetans, Auraria CampusDates and Times: Wednesday July 2, 7-9 pm & Tuesday July 8, 7-9 pm
TWO: A Commitment, Gifts and Accountability Celebration- Music, dance, food, artistic expression of our commitments- maybe on balloons, silk flags, t-shirts, a piece of paper in a time capsule. Location, time date TBA- during the DNC
THREE: A Commitment, Gifts and Accountability Parade- A time capsule of commitments leads waves of people, colorful balloons, silk flags, t-shirts meeting Obama and the DNC to share our commitments. Location, time, date TBA- during DNC.
This event will be covered internationally and symbolize the time for honoring one another and fulfilling on our deepest commitments to the world has come.

We would be honored to have your participation