Thursday, October 30, 2008

Money Raised!

We put out the call and thanks to the generosity of many people and $500 grant from The Denver Foundation we have pledges for all the money needed for the mural! We are now having conversations about where and when- where would be the best place in town for a representation of visions from everyone- our vision for the world? You get to say!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mural Delayed

Hi Listeners! The Mural painting for this Saturday is being postponed, allowing us more time to organize, collect funds and gain the permit. Thank you for your generosity in your time, efforts and listening!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Visions Mural a GO!

Thanks to the leadership of the Gang Rescue and Support Project (GRASP) the visions we collected during the last few months will become a visual reality- in the form of a mural!

Francisco Gallardo from GRASP has secured a site for the mural- on Sante Fe between 10th and 11th. Everyone is welcome to come to join the festivities making the mural, Saturday October 18th - look for blog updates in the next few days.

Donations are still needed to purchase the paints and pay the mural artists- please call Stephanie if you want to donate- 720-319-0434. You can also bring your tax-deductible check to a potluck fundraiser Sunday, October 12 6-8 pm at 2085 Forest St.

Planning for the next phase of the project is underway - taking The World is Listening to Middle Schools- stay tuned and let us know if you want to get involved!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

As seen in media - Rocky Mountain News

Group seeks common issues among protestors - August 24, 2008
Allison Bryce
Civic Center – While there is no paucity of opinions wandering through Denver this week for the Democratic National Convention, there aren’t always those who want to take the time to listen.
Protesters wave fliers in front of faces as passers-by wave them off and shrug off attempts to engage them in conversations about human rights abuses, the war, the economy or anything else.
But then there are the people in the bright pink shirts. They are there to listen. Even their shirts say so.
The group, called “The World is Listening,” is out to gather the issues most important to people and share them online at It’s an attempt to show those standing on opposite sides of the street that what they want isn’t so different after all.
Francisco Subiadur was standing on the corner talking with protesters and scribbling notes in a small black notebook. The front of his shirt asked, “What is your Vision,” the back told people “i am here to listen.”
“We’re not contradicting anyone,” he said. “We’re listening to what they have to say.”
Here are some of the things people have said are important to them:
Being a kindhearted human race;
Promoting human rights;
Protecting the environment;
Equality and prosperity;
Improved world health;
More abortion control;
More money for education;
Stop the preaching and discrimination;
Kindness and love;
A day when we don’t need soldiers.
The last is from someone on the pro-military protest side of the street. Many of the ideas overlapped no matter what people were protesting, said Stephanie Phibbs, who also was circulating with pink shirt and notebook.
She said she tells groups they have similar visions and people often respond that they will get to those visions in different ways, she said. But, “a sense of unity and oneness is emerging,” she said.


Tensions flare briefly as anarchists block 16th Street Mall buses, tangle with cops - August 25, 2008
Patti Thorn
Protesters shouted, sang, danced, chanted, partied, meditated - and even shopped - Sunday in what was generally a peaceful show of diversity.
But a few skirmishes with police left no question that any infraction would be met with a serious show of force.
After a day in which thousands protested everything from the war in Iraq to the need for more love and kindness in the world, there were reports of only two arrests - both for protesters giving false information to officers.
Meanwhile, tension ignited between police and protesters only briefly when a group of anarchists, some wearing bandannas over their faces to conceal their identities, blocked shuttle buses on the 16th Street Mall and later amassed on Broadway between Colfax Avenue and 14th Ave.
Their actions prompted a sea of black uniforms to swarm on each situation and quickly disperse the crowds. The anarchists later snaked their way through downtown, meeting a large police presence at Stout and 15th streets.
The display of force did little to dampen the group's enthusiasm. In fact, considering the cause, it only added to it.
"It was a street party," said Tim Simons, organizer of the anarchist group dubbed Unconventional Denver. "That's what we did today. . . . Our goal was to keep the party in the street, to make sure we weren't confined to permit areas and to make sure that the energy and the noise and the spirit of social movement was felt throughout downtown and couldn't be missed. . . . We accomplished what we wanted."
Simons noted that his group's goal is to "highlight the power of grass-roots movements as a real force for society."
War and peace
His wasn't the only group flexing its grass-roots chops. Throughout the day, members of all kinds of organizations roamed downtown - some even stopping to shop at carts along the 16th Street Mall.
They were colorful - and contradictory: Anti-war groups faced off with troop supporters; anarchists shared real estate with women peacemakers supporting "joy and humor."
One of the first events of the day was an anti-war rally at the state Capitol. Mother-turned-activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in the Iraq war, addressed a group of around 200, exhorting onlookers to oppose war.
"Three years ago today, we were sweltering in Crawford, Texas, camping outside George Bush's ranch," she said. "Three years later, our country is still mired in the Middle East. They're talking about more war."
Sheehan, who spoke for about six minutes, urged protesters to make their voices heard.
When the activist finished, she received rock star treatment, with people swarming around her to shake her hand or take her picture. The group then marched down Colfax, passing a cluster of pro-troop demonstrators on the side of the road. As the anti-war protesters walked by, their signs seemed to shout at each other.
"Who Would Jesus Bomb?" read one. "Land of the Free, Because of the Brave," read another, as if in retort.
Some just listening
Many of the protests centered on war, but one group sat in a circle, eyes closed as they performed meditative excercises in support of the Falun Gong, a spiritual group that has been persecuted in China.
Another group, calling themselves The World Is Listening, showed up to support, well, listening. "We are not contradicting anyone," Francisco Subiadur said. "We're listening to what they have to say."
Among the ideas they listened to others express? The importance of being kindhearted and protecting the environment, and a longing for the day when soldiers would no longer be needed.
Obviously unaware of all the ideas swirling around her downtown, member Stephanie Phibbs noted that "a sense of unity and oneness is emerging."

A sense of ennui seemed to be the only thing emerging at the area set up outside the Pepsi Center for protesters, dubbed the "Freedom Cage." It remained empty all Sunday afternoon.
At night, the action picked up - slightly. While protesters with Tent State, an anti-war group, planned for thousands to march from City of Cuernavaca Park to spend the night in the protest zone, only three protesters - and three reporters - had made their way to the area by 11 p.m.
The small group was entertained by Dead Kennedys' singer Jello Biafra, who delivered a 30-second history on the spoken word.
* Staff writers Allison Bruce, Daniel J. Chacon, Abigail Curtis, Jeff Kass, Dan Kelley, Sue Lindsay, Steve Myers, Ashleigh Oldland and Judi Villa contributed to this report.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hitting the streets of Denver for visions

Today we went on the streets, collecting visions and engaging people in what they see....we ended up at the Mercury Cafe where the code pink ladies were gathering(if you didn't know the Mercury Cafe is going to be the central gathering place for many protestors...and it definitely has an ambiance to it)...anyhow it was GREAT!!...everybody wanted to express themselves...and they wrote and wrote and wrote..and talked and talked and talked...I was amazed at how easy it was and how generous everybody was...there were alot of women from all over the country..really committed and passionate about peace...some of them got tears in their eyes...all kinds of emotions were present...and their visions were strong and thought out...they really really appreciated us listening and being there...anybody that does listening is in for a very wonderful treat and is definitely being on the "court" of life...thanks for your joy and your marie

We look sooo good in our t-shirts!

Not only that - everyone will be able to see us and what we are up to! In the picture you see, clockwise from top left: Marie, Corey, Deb, Craig, Babs and Stephanie.
On the back the t-shirts say: The World is Listening and i am here to listen.

During the DNC we will have matching pink balloons with the words My Vision for the World... that we will give to people so that they can write their vision on them.

We want you to know that in consideration to birds and other wildlife, we are using short term helium (10 hours) and we will ask people not to release them.


More opportunities to share your vision

The World is Listening is not the only group that collects people's visions. There is a group called Let us rise that works with Visioning Circles and Leadership Circles. Check out their website:

This is what they stand for: Bringing people together to create a society rooted in love, personal responsibility and democracy.

Schedule for Network of Spiritual Progressives

Network of Spiritual Progressives

Conference in Denver at the Democratic National Convention

St. Paul Church & Curtis Hotel

August 24-25, 2008
The NSP is excited to be at the Democratic National Convention. We will be holding our events at St.Paul's United Methodist church. There will be charge for the Sunday afternoon and Monday morning Events.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, Matthew Fox, Sharon Salzberg, Cong. Keith Ellison

Editor of Tikkun Magazine Author of 24 Books,
incl. Buddhist Teacher, Democrat – Minnesota

Author of The Left Hand of God The A.W.E. Project:
Activist, and Author of Sponsor of the Global

Co-Founder of NSP Reinventing Education
Lovingkindness Marshall Plan

Space is Limited: Advance Registration Encouraged

Register Now

If you are interested in volunteer please contact our local Denver

$15/per day or $25 for both days


Speaker: Rabbi Michael Lerner

Worship Leaders: Rev. Toni Cook, Prof.
Vincent Harding, Yogachara

Hassan Srinidhi, Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni,
Venerable Claude d'Estree,

Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav, Sister Rose
Annette Liddell, & others

Music will be provided by St. Paul Choir,
Kriya Yoga, & soloist: Rene Marie

Admission: Free


Led by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Matthew Fox, and Dr. Peter Gabel

NSP members are committed to create the world they believe is possible
and they are guided by the Spritual Covenant with America. Michael Lerner, Peter Gabel and Matthew Fox will discuss this in greater detail, relate these ideas to current political issues and answer questions related to these commitments.

There will also be music and/or a poetry performance during this time by a local artist.

Admission: $15.00

IRAN August 25. 9am -11 am

Led by Rabbi Michael Lerner and Imam Mohamad Samer Altabaa (Colorado Muslim Society), and Rev. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson (Baptist Minister, Global Security Institute Board), The NSP was founded as a project of Tikkun Community and we care desperately about bringing peace and stability to the Middle East.
Michael and Peter will discuss a Middle East Strategy for Spiritual Progressives. They will be joined by Imam Mohamad from the Colorado Muslim Society.

Admission: $15.00
Led by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Congressman Keith Ellison, Sharon Salzberg, and Rev. Tony Campolo

We have been trying to achieve national security for the past five thousand years by dominating others and that has brought us to our current state of affairs. We are at a time when we desperately need to realize the value of each individual and eliminate the unnecessary poverty, homelessness, inadequate healthcare and inadequate education that people experience domestically and globally. By committing 1-2% of our GDP for the next twenty years, we can help uplift all people and demonstrate our care for all beings and make our country safer.
Michael and Congressmen Keith Ellison will elaborate on the ideas behind a Global Marshall Plan and talk about what this world would look like if we embraced this idea.

Admission: Free

From: August 24, 2008 at 09:00 AM
Until: August 25, 2008 at 03:00 PM
St.Paul's Denver
1615 Ogden

Denver CO 80218
St Paul's United Methodist Church is located near downtown Denver, Colorado, in the historic district of Capitol Hill. St. Paul's U.M.C. can be found at the corner of 16th Avenue and Ogden one block North of Colfax Avenue.

Directions: From I-25, exit Broadway/Lincoln. Drive North on Lincoln Avenue, turn right on Colfax Avenue, heading East. Turn left (North) on Emerson. Turn right (East) on 16th Avenue for 1/2 block.


* St. Paul's Lot (adjacent to west side of church) - handicap access
* Case Management Lot - across alley west of the church along
16th (alley access)
* Denver Turnverein - southwest corner of 16th & Clarkson (1
1/2 block east, enter south alley into parking)
* Montview Tower Lot - northeast corner of 16th & Downing
(Sunday only) (1 block east)
* St. John's Cathedral Parking - 14th and Washington (3 blocks
west, 2 blocks south)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything you need to know: calendars, maps, parade routes, street closures, transportation etc.

We received an email from the Come Up to Denver Campaign with links to a phenomenal amout of information. Here is everything we need!
If you go the link for Recreate 68, we are listed on their schedule as World IS LISTENING. They didn't quite get what we are up to (they call it relational activism), but that is OK since, after all, we create something that is NEW, and for many people quite mind-boggling. And of course we will be in more places than what they have listed...

Please browse and enjoy!


The Come Up to Denver Campaign has compiled some calendars and maps in
easy-to-print PDF formats to help you get the most out of the DNC
Counter-Convention. We hope you find this information useful. Always check
on the website of the group sponsoring the event for updates and changes.

*** Combo Calendar ***
This is one PDF file (24 pages) that contains the calendars from all the
major protest organizations' websites in one file easy for printing.
Includes the Come Up to Denver calendar, R68, Tent State, World Can't Wait,
Code Pink, We Are Change Colorado, Progressive Democrats and Unconventional

*** R68 Master Schedule ***
This is another PDF file with extensive events listings of many groups
compiled by Recreate68.

*** Major DNC Counter-Convention Sites ***

On Legal Paper (8.5x14)

On Ledger Paper (11x17)

*** Street Closure Map ***

*** Parade (March) Routes ***
March Route for Mon., Tues. and Wed. to Pepsi Center

March Route for Thursday to Invesco Field

Check our website for more informaion and updates:

Provided as a public service by the:
Come Up to Denver Coalition
"No one else can take your place!"
Check out our video of Crosby, Stills and Nash playing "Denver"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Opportunity 2 To Listen and Wear T-shirts

Sunday, August 24 DENVER
At 1 P.M.
This march is the same as the one listed under Opportunity 1. See the info below in feeder marches.
'Funk the War: Dance for Peace'. An event during the DNC. Bring your drums, instruments, moves and message. There will be four feeder marches starting at Union Station (17th and Wynkoop), Skate Park (2205 19th Street), MEPS Center (19th & Stout) and Curtis Park (27th and Larimer) and converging on the 16th Street Mall. Concerts will follow in the afternoon and evening.

Opportunity 1 To Listen and Wear T-shirts

Please join us in our Procession for Peace this Sunday at 1:00 pm.
This Peace Walk is not an anti-war march, or an anti-anything march. It is not about being ”against” something, but being “for” something. It is about being for Peace.
So, bring children. Bring peace songs. Bring chants. Bring Love.
Bring only peaceful signs. In other words, leave your “NO WAR” sign at home today, and instead, bring a sign that says “PEACE”, or “LIBERTY”, or “FREEDOM” or “EQUALITY”.
Why? Because we want to take a stand for Peace in a Peaceful Way
When? Sunday, Aug. 24th at 1:00
Where? Meet on Platte, just north of Paris on the Platted, next to the Liberty Bank (no pun intended, but let’s bank on liberty )
Where to? We’ll walk over the bridge that crosses the tracks and on to Union Station. From there, you can choose to disband or you can join the other marchers from Alliance for Real Democracy and continue on to Cuernavaca Park, where there will be music, speeches, and poets.

Email Val at


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Press Statement and a press conference in Cheesman Park

The Denver Chapter of the Network of Spiritual Progressives has invited The World is Listening to take part in a press conference about the faith-based and values-based events happening in Denver during DNC Week. The press conference is on August 14, at 11:30 am. in Cheesman Park. One of our spokespersons, Marie Soderberg, will represent our group. Many other groups will be represented during the press conference, each group getting two minutes to talk.

In relation to this pressconference we created a press statement, which is as follows:

What does a conversation of 'oneness' look like? We stand inside a new paradigm that is not problem focused, but focused on being relational, creating new futures from our deepest commitments, our visions for the world. During the Democratic National Convention 'The World is Listening' will be setting up listening booths, marching in parades and participating in our everyday lives, wearing bright pink t-shirts asking people to talk about their visions. We want to hear from those for and against any position, people from any religious, anti-religious or political conviction. We want to hear the commitment and vision underlying the positions, concerns and protests. Perhaps if we listen, others will also listen, maybe world leaders will start listening to other world leaders, and listen to them to hear their underlying commitments- and in a moment we may discover our common vision and our 'oneness'.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Confirmed Venues For Listening during the DNC

Here is a list of confirmed venues for listening, where the organizers have said: Yes, you can be here. There is more to be listed as we get more conformations.

Our initial intention was to set up a permanent tent in some locations, but then we found out that we would have to take it down every night. In stead we will bring our own chairs, tents, etc. More info on this at the Setup meeting, Saturday 23rd at 10 am, on 2085 Forest Street.

Listening with and for these organizations, and to anyone else, in any location, at any time during the DNC, does not mean that we, as an organization, agree with or support them. What we do is LISTEN, we listen to everyone, without discrimination, for the VISION that is behind the commitment, the actions, the choices. We are grateful for the spaces shared to do so.

Sat. Aug 23, 6:30 pm: The People Call for Change - Panel presentation- “In search of values for a new society” & 8:45 benefit concert, at Capitol Heights Presbyterian on 11th and Fillmore
For more info on The People Call for Change:

Sun. Aug 24, 9am-2pm: table at Civic Center Park “Youth Voices 2008- a non-partisan event at Civic Center Park in Denver” (bring own table and sign- will be in shade)

Mon. August 25, 7:00 pm: The People Call for Change - Panel presentation- “Beyond Iraq: creating a just foreign policy,” at Capitol Heights Presbyterian on 11th and Fillmore

Wed. August 27, 7 pm: The People Call for Change - Panel presentation- “From corporate control to people power”, at Park Hill United Church of Christ, 2600 Leyden, 26th and Leyden

Sunday- Thursday: Re-create 68 events (bring table/blanket/chairs/tent)
Sunday 11am-2pm Capital
Monday 12-3 pm Civic Center Park
Tuesday 12-3 pm Civic Center Park (come early if you want for procession for the future 9 am set up, 11 am procession- march with puppets)
Wednesday 12-3 pm Skyline Park
Thursday 12-3 pm Skyline Park (2 pm march to Invesco Field)

For more info on Recreate 68:

Monday- Thursday 12-3 pm: Alliance for Real Democracy in Cuernavaca Park (bring table/blanket/chairs/tent)
For more info on Alliance for Real Democracy:

Pending venues: Meditate 08 - Marie has had initial contact with the group and just needs to confirm they are okay with our being there and listening and collecting visions.
For more info on Meditate 08:

Listening Training Sessions Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th

This weekend the Listening Training Sessions will be in Eric's home:

1170 Fairfax, Denver CO, 80220 (12 blocks east of Colorado Boulevard)

Please let us know if you are coming by calling Marie on 303-805-5779.

We will bring the t-shirts to the training sessions, so please bring $20 and you can have your t-shirt!

Our vision for ”The World is Listening” project

What we see is that when people come together from a vision, rather than from problems or opinions, there is new space. We will demonstrate during the Democratic National Convention what it looks like when people pay attention to their visions, where they create a space to honor each person, their contribution to the world and their vision. We will provide a vision of what it looks like when people come from their visions, creating a space for solidarity and a world that works for everyone.

The outcomes of ”The World is Listening” project
* We will have 144 people participate in the project, listening for the vision, the commitment and the gift that people are for the world.
* We will offer a new paradigm to the public, approaching our world from our visions for the future, rather than from the old paradigm of problem-solving or fixing situations that plague the world.
* The project will be featured in a documentary and be covered in the media so the world sees what is possible.
* Visions collected during the DNC will be represented artistically in some fashion for the public and for political leaders.

What is it going to look like?
We will have 144 trained Listeners participating in events around and within the Democratic National Convention, in Denver CO, especially August 23-28.

We will be wearing bright pink t-shirts, that read, "What is your vision" on the front, and "The World is Listening – I'm here to listen" on the back. We intend this shirt will serve as an invitation for people to be heard by our listeners.

Listeners will be at listening booths, participating in marches, or talking to people in their everyday lives. Listening booths are being set up at various DNC-related events where we have been invited. Listeners will be available to people, listening to their concerns and their visions. We intend that people walking away from a listening session will be enlivened and inspired by their vision and contribution to the world. These visions will be collected in notebooks and used as inspiration for later artwork and efforts in Denver.

We are committed that the training Listeners receive and the experiences they have as participants in this project make a difference not only for the DNC, but also for each and every Listener in their own personal life and in the lives of those around them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is you experience as a Listener?

You are someone who has been out in the world, listening. You have especially been listening for people's vision. What have you heard? What has it been like for you?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is Your Vision for the World?

And what will the World look like when your Vision is fulfilled? Please post it for the World to know!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Schedule for Training for Powerful Listening

The Intention of the training is to have you be present to the power of listening, and be listened to. We are committed that this is a training that makes a difference, not only for the Democratic National Convention, but also for your whole life. It's fun, interactive, and powerful.

These are the dates and times:
Thursday August 7, 7-9 pm (this week)
Sunday August 10, 3-5 pm
Saturday August 16, 3-5 pm
Sunday August 17, 3-5 pm
Tuesday August 19, 7-9 pm

Please look in your schedule, see which one works for you, and call Marie on 303-805-5779 or email
Thank you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Contact Information

Do you want to know more about the project The World is Listening?
Stephanie Phibbs: 720-319-0434
Marie Soderberg: 303-805-5779
You can sign up to/request to be added to our yahoo list serve. That way you will have access to the Event and training Schedule, links, posts from members of the listserver, etc. Use the above contact information to make the request.

Barack Obama Platform Meetings

Every four years, the Democratic Party assembles a platform that outlines the party's position on a number of issues.
Traditionally, the drafting of the platform is not open to ordinary people.
This year, that's going to change.
For two weeks in July, people all across America will hold Platform Meetings in their own communities to discuss the issues and share their input. The outcome of these meetings will be reviewed by the Drafting Committee as it creates the final Platform.
No political experience is required. Your thoughts and experiences are all that matter, and they will shape a platform that -- like this campaign -- is owned by the people.
Sign up to host or attend a Platform Meeting in your neighborhood:
This year, ordinary people like you will gather in their homes, community centers, places of worship, and even coffee shops to discuss the issues that matter to them and help decide what should be at the heart of the Democratic platform for change.
The input we get from these meetings will help shape the platform at the Democratic Convention in August.
Platform Meetings are a great way to connect with fellow supporters and help write the next chapter in the history of the Democratic Party.
We'll make sure you have all the resources and support you need to succeed. All you need to provide are your ideas for America and your hunger for change.
To get started in your community, just log onto and go to our Platform Meetings page. (If you don't have a account, creating one is simple and easy.)
Sign up to host or attend a Platform Meeting now:
I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to make your voice heard in the political process.
Thank you for all that you do,

The First Invitation


"Be the Change You Want to See in the World."- Gandhi

What does a conversation of "oneness" look like? We stand inside a new paradigm that is not problem focused, but focused on being relational, creating new futures from our deepest commitments.
You are invited to a conversation unlike any other you have ever had- it is a conversation to know yourself and others within your community for your deepest commitment to the world. The root question for the conversation you are invited to is: Who are you being for the world?

~~The conversation has three parts~~

ONE: Gathering prior to the DNC, with a short address by Desmond Tutu (unconfirmed), where you and each participant will have the opportunity to answer the question "Who are you for the world?" Your answer and your listening to others creates a relatedness - you will be known and know others for our commitments to the world. If you choose to use words, we suggest you crystallize your statement in a clear few words that captures your essence so you are remembered (max 1 minute each person). Location: St. Cajetans, Auraria CampusDates and Times: Wednesday July 2, 7-9 pm & Tuesday July 8, 7-9 pm
TWO: A Commitment, Gifts and Accountability Celebration- Music, dance, food, artistic expression of our commitments- maybe on balloons, silk flags, t-shirts, a piece of paper in a time capsule. Location, time date TBA- during the DNC
THREE: A Commitment, Gifts and Accountability Parade- A time capsule of commitments leads waves of people, colorful balloons, silk flags, t-shirts meeting Obama and the DNC to share our commitments. Location, time, date TBA- during DNC.
This event will be covered internationally and symbolize the time for honoring one another and fulfilling on our deepest commitments to the world has come.

We would be honored to have your participation