Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our vision for ”The World is Listening” project

What we see is that when people come together from a vision, rather than from problems or opinions, there is new space. We will demonstrate during the Democratic National Convention what it looks like when people pay attention to their visions, where they create a space to honor each person, their contribution to the world and their vision. We will provide a vision of what it looks like when people come from their visions, creating a space for solidarity and a world that works for everyone.

The outcomes of ”The World is Listening” project
* We will have 144 people participate in the project, listening for the vision, the commitment and the gift that people are for the world.
* We will offer a new paradigm to the public, approaching our world from our visions for the future, rather than from the old paradigm of problem-solving or fixing situations that plague the world.
* The project will be featured in a documentary and be covered in the media so the world sees what is possible.
* Visions collected during the DNC will be represented artistically in some fashion for the public and for political leaders.

What is it going to look like?
We will have 144 trained Listeners participating in events around and within the Democratic National Convention, in Denver CO, especially August 23-28.

We will be wearing bright pink t-shirts, that read, "What is your vision" on the front, and "The World is Listening – I'm here to listen" on the back. We intend this shirt will serve as an invitation for people to be heard by our listeners.

Listeners will be at listening booths, participating in marches, or talking to people in their everyday lives. Listening booths are being set up at various DNC-related events where we have been invited. Listeners will be available to people, listening to their concerns and their visions. We intend that people walking away from a listening session will be enlivened and inspired by their vision and contribution to the world. These visions will be collected in notebooks and used as inspiration for later artwork and efforts in Denver.

We are committed that the training Listeners receive and the experiences they have as participants in this project make a difference not only for the DNC, but also for each and every Listener in their own personal life and in the lives of those around them.

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