Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Press Statement and a press conference in Cheesman Park

The Denver Chapter of the Network of Spiritual Progressives has invited The World is Listening to take part in a press conference about the faith-based and values-based events happening in Denver during DNC Week. The press conference is on August 14, at 11:30 am. in Cheesman Park. One of our spokespersons, Marie Soderberg, will represent our group. Many other groups will be represented during the press conference, each group getting two minutes to talk.

In relation to this pressconference we created a press statement, which is as follows:

What does a conversation of 'oneness' look like? We stand inside a new paradigm that is not problem focused, but focused on being relational, creating new futures from our deepest commitments, our visions for the world. During the Democratic National Convention 'The World is Listening' will be setting up listening booths, marching in parades and participating in our everyday lives, wearing bright pink t-shirts asking people to talk about their visions. We want to hear from those for and against any position, people from any religious, anti-religious or political conviction. We want to hear the commitment and vision underlying the positions, concerns and protests. Perhaps if we listen, others will also listen, maybe world leaders will start listening to other world leaders, and listen to them to hear their underlying commitments- and in a moment we may discover our common vision and our 'oneness'.

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