Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is you experience as a Listener?

You are someone who has been out in the world, listening. You have especially been listening for people's vision. What have you heard? What has it been like for you?


Listening2TheWorld said...

youth at a press conference said they have a vision of peace and respect for all

a spiritual leader said he would have to think more about what his vision is

an anarchist talked about his vision for startling people awake- creating a fun colorful world where people and their needs are met

a mailman thought the question was too personal and I heard his commitment to being respected

two youth ordering at Chipotle's didn't have a vision

a woman working at Chipotle's had a vision for peace in all the world and strong communities

Anonymous said...

Often people have no idea what their vision is. When I ask what they want for the world, they often start from what they DON'T want, or a complaint. When I give them back the vision or commitment that I hear behind the complaint, they light up, like Yes, THAT is who I am.

Bank teller - Committed to all children being taken care of

Barrista at Whole Foods - Points to the vision of the company and proudly states that this is who he is. I hear, among other things, being of service, a world that works for all, and sustainability

Store owner - A world of trust and respect