Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Confirmed Venues For Listening during the DNC

Here is a list of confirmed venues for listening, where the organizers have said: Yes, you can be here. There is more to be listed as we get more conformations.

Our initial intention was to set up a permanent tent in some locations, but then we found out that we would have to take it down every night. In stead we will bring our own chairs, tents, etc. More info on this at the Setup meeting, Saturday 23rd at 10 am, on 2085 Forest Street.

Listening with and for these organizations, and to anyone else, in any location, at any time during the DNC, does not mean that we, as an organization, agree with or support them. What we do is LISTEN, we listen to everyone, without discrimination, for the VISION that is behind the commitment, the actions, the choices. We are grateful for the spaces shared to do so.

Sat. Aug 23, 6:30 pm: The People Call for Change - Panel presentation- “In search of values for a new society” & 8:45 benefit concert, at Capitol Heights Presbyterian on 11th and Fillmore
For more info on The People Call for Change:

Sun. Aug 24, 9am-2pm: table at Civic Center Park “Youth Voices 2008- a non-partisan event at Civic Center Park in Denver” (bring own table and sign- will be in shade)

Mon. August 25, 7:00 pm: The People Call for Change - Panel presentation- “Beyond Iraq: creating a just foreign policy,” at Capitol Heights Presbyterian on 11th and Fillmore

Wed. August 27, 7 pm: The People Call for Change - Panel presentation- “From corporate control to people power”, at Park Hill United Church of Christ, 2600 Leyden, 26th and Leyden

Sunday- Thursday: Re-create 68 events (bring table/blanket/chairs/tent)
Sunday 11am-2pm Capital
Monday 12-3 pm Civic Center Park
Tuesday 12-3 pm Civic Center Park (come early if you want for procession for the future 9 am set up, 11 am procession- march with puppets)
Wednesday 12-3 pm Skyline Park
Thursday 12-3 pm Skyline Park (2 pm march to Invesco Field)

For more info on Recreate 68:

Monday- Thursday 12-3 pm: Alliance for Real Democracy in Cuernavaca Park (bring table/blanket/chairs/tent)
For more info on Alliance for Real Democracy:

Pending venues: Meditate 08 - Marie has had initial contact with the group and just needs to confirm they are okay with our being there and listening and collecting visions.
For more info on Meditate 08:

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