Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything you need to know: calendars, maps, parade routes, street closures, transportation etc.

We received an email from the Come Up to Denver Campaign with links to a phenomenal amout of information. Here is everything we need!
If you go the link for Recreate 68, we are listed on their schedule as World IS LISTENING. They didn't quite get what we are up to (they call it relational activism), but that is OK since, after all, we create something that is NEW, and for many people quite mind-boggling. And of course we will be in more places than what they have listed...

Please browse and enjoy!


The Come Up to Denver Campaign has compiled some calendars and maps in
easy-to-print PDF formats to help you get the most out of the DNC
Counter-Convention. We hope you find this information useful. Always check
on the website of the group sponsoring the event for updates and changes.

*** Combo Calendar ***
This is one PDF file (24 pages) that contains the calendars from all the
major protest organizations' websites in one file easy for printing.
Includes the Come Up to Denver calendar, R68, Tent State, World Can't Wait,
Code Pink, We Are Change Colorado, Progressive Democrats and Unconventional

*** R68 Master Schedule ***
This is another PDF file with extensive events listings of many groups
compiled by Recreate68.

*** Major DNC Counter-Convention Sites ***

On Legal Paper (8.5x14)

On Ledger Paper (11x17)

*** Street Closure Map ***

*** Parade (March) Routes ***
March Route for Mon., Tues. and Wed. to Pepsi Center

March Route for Thursday to Invesco Field

Check our website for more informaion and updates:

Provided as a public service by the:
Come Up to Denver Coalition
"No one else can take your place!"
Check out our video of Crosby, Stills and Nash playing "Denver"

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