Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hitting the streets of Denver for visions

Today we went on the streets, collecting visions and engaging people in what they see....we ended up at the Mercury Cafe where the code pink ladies were gathering(if you didn't know the Mercury Cafe is going to be the central gathering place for many protestors...and it definitely has an ambiance to it)...anyhow it was GREAT!!...everybody wanted to express themselves...and they wrote and wrote and wrote..and talked and talked and talked...I was amazed at how easy it was and how generous everybody was...there were alot of women from all over the country..really committed and passionate about peace...some of them got tears in their eyes...all kinds of emotions were present...and their visions were strong and thought out...they really really appreciated us listening and being there...anybody that does listening is in for a very wonderful treat and is definitely being on the "court" of life...thanks for your joy and your marie

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Anonymous said...

Lots of visions collected, people connected- On Monday one protester heard what we were doing and was inspired to get the visions of the police himself- he put on a project t-shirt and grabbed a notebook, collecting visions from the cops - a revolution of the heart - creating a connection where there was none.